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  • There is no limit to the number of entries a studio may enter 

  • A performer is not allowed to compete against him/herself in the same category. 

  • All routines must be age-appropriate. This is a family-friendly event. If judges or StageMasters staff deem a routine to be too vulgar or inappropriate, then judges have the right to deduct points from dancers’ routine(s) or be disqualified from the competition

  • All dancers/performers, teachers, parents, and audience members are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times during the competition. 

  • There is a limit of 3 solos per performer at each regional event. 

  • A 10 point deduction will be made for routines that are not completed on the first try. Technical difficulties, etc. will not be held against any performer. 

  • No dancing/instructing from the sides of the stage or audience. Assisting performers may result in point deduction or disqualification. 

  • Studio directors will be given a copy of the competition schedule 10 to 14 days prior to the competition. All changes and/or corrections must be submitted to StageMasters before the stated deadline. A $30 charge may be added to account for changes made after the deadline. All changes need to be emailed to ensure accuracy. 

  • Studio directors and/or teachers will need to provide proof of age within one hour if asked by StageMasters staff. 



All entries require payment in full using a bank check (Cashiers check) or money order for all entries from one studio. 

All checks should be mailed to:


PO Box 46494

Raleigh, NC 27620



Novice / Advanced / Master

Novice: Performers who have had less than 2 years of competition experience

Advanced: Performers with 3 to 5 years of competition experience

Master: Performers with 7 or more years of competition experience


*Routines that contain a combination of novice, advanced, and master performers should be entered in the level in which the majority of the performers fall. 

*Since StageMasters staff has no way of knowing how many years a performer has danced competitively or how many years they have taken dance, it is up to the Studio Directors and/or Teachers to use their judgment and place them at the appropriate level. StageMasters staff and judges feel confident that you as a Studio Director and/or teacher will be honest and fair when evaluating your routines and their placement. Judges have the right to move routines to the appropriate category if they feel the routine has been placed wrongly. JUDGES DECISIONS ARE FINAL. 



Mini - 6 and under

Petite -  7-9

Junior -  10-12

Teen -  13-15

Senior -  16-18

Adult -  19+ 



Tap - routine containing primarily tap technique and steps. Tap sounds may not be pre-recorded into music. 

*Max of 3 gymnastic/acrobatic tricks are allowed


Ballet - routine must contain ballet technique.

*No pointe shoes are allowed and no gymnastic/acrobatic tricks are allowed. 


Pointe - routine must consist of pointe technique 

*No gymnastic/acrobatic tricks are allowed 

Jazz - routine must consist of primarily jazz technique and skills 

*Max of 3 gymnastic/acrobatic tricks are allowed


Contemporary - a routine containing a blend of lyrical and ballet styles.

*Max of 3 gymnastic/acrobatic tricks are allowed


Lyrical - a routine that demonstrates extensions, balance, and control while utilizing the mood or lyrics of the music.

*Max of 3 gymnastic/acrobatic tricks are allowed


Modern - interpretive dance using balance and control.

*Max of 3 gymnastic/acrobatic tricks are allowed


Clogging - a routine utilizing either contemporary or traditional style clogging techniques.

*Max of 3 gymnastic/acrobatic tricks are allowed


Hip-Hop - a routine that consists primarily of hip-hop techniques. If the movements, song lyrics, or costuming are deemed to be inappropriate or too suggestive for our family audience, or if the music contains vulgar or inappropriate lyrics, the routine will be scored lower or disqualified from the competition. 

*Max of 3 gymnastic/acrobatic tricks are allowed


Baton - a routine using baton(s) and baton technique. Baton routines will be judged on baton technique and dance moves, steps, and choreography.

*Max of 3 gymnastic/acrobatic tricks are allowed


Musical Theater - a routine that portrays a Broadway show, theme, story, etc. No vocals are allowed. Lip syncing is allowed.   

*Max of 3 gymnastic/acrobatic tricks are allowed


Character - a routine portraying a recognizable character throughout the piece. Characters may be from a play, movie, television, broadway, etc. May incorporate either dance or acrobatic techniques 

*Max of 3 gymnastic/acrobatic tricks are allowed 


Vocal - vocal singing  

*no vocals on the music CD 


Open - a routine consisting of more than one dance style - unlimited acrobatics are allowed but they must be connected by a series of dance movement 


Acrobatic - a routine containing acrobatic technique with dance steps to connect movement 


Pom - A routine using pom poms with dance moves. Unlimited number of gymnastic/acrobatic tricks 

Song and Dance - a routine using vocals and dancing  

*no vocals on the music CD 

*Max of 3 gymnastic/acrobatic tricks are allowed


Liturgical - a routine that incorporates praise and worship

*Max of 3 gymnastic/acrobatic tricks are allowed



Solo - 1 dancer 

Duet/Trio - 2 dancers/3 dancers 

Small Group - 4-9 dancers

Large Group - 10-15 dancers

Super Line - 16+ dancers

Production - unlimited amount of dancers with a theme 



Solo - 3:00

Duet/Trio - 3:00

Small Group - 4:00

Large Group - 4:00

Super Line - 5:00

Production - 8:00


Extended time is permitted in all divisions at $5/person for every minute over the time limit. Routines that have not purchased extended time are subject to a 1 point deduction for every minute. 


  • Music must be uploaded through Dance Comp Genie 10 days prior to event 

  • No additional sound equipment or microphones may be used or connected to StageMasters sound system.

  • We advise all studios to have a source of backup music for each dance.

  • No tap sounds are allowed in the music for entries entered in the Tap category



The safety of your dancers is our number one priority 

No fire, glitter (other than on a prop), swords, knives, guns, confetti, or flower petals 

No paint or fog that would affect the stage floor 



StageMasters believes that every dancer is valued and should be recognized while participating in a positive yet challenging competition environment. 


Each routine will receive a trophy for adjudication.


The number of overall awards will be based on the number of entries in each division. 


Entertainment Award of the weekend 


Choreography Award of the weekend 



  • 12 and under overall Highest Scoring Routine

  • 13 and over overall Highest Scoring Routine 

  • Top Studio in each level of competition - Novice, Advanced, Master

  • Highest Scoring Studio of the Weekend 
    - Taking the top 5 highest scoring and the 5 lowest scoring routines of each studio and getting that average score to determine the highest scoring studio. 


All photogenic entries are due on the day of the competition. No entries will be accepted before the day of the competition. Entries are $25 each. All photographs must be turned in at the merchandise booth with payment. We request an 8x10 photograph in color or black and white. Pictures must be picked up by the time the competition ends.  We will not mail photographs that are not picked up. Overall photogenic winners will be featured in the program at nationals. 




Technique 40%

Stage Presence 20%

Choreography 20%

Execution 15% 

Overall Impact 5%


  • Routines will be given a numerical score from each judge. 

  • Judging is based on technique, stage presence, execution, choreography, execution, and overall impact. 

  • If a tie in scoring occurs, the tie will be broken based on technique, then stage presence, then choreography. If a tie still exists, the judges will make the final decision.

*Cannot receive Diamond Award if in Novice Level*


  • All contestants grant StageMasters Directors and Staff to use their names and/or photographs on StageMasters website or program book/flyers.

  • Smoking, eating, and drinking are not permitted within areas of competition.

  • StageMasters reserves the right to cancel and/or move any competition due to weather, number of entries, or any other circumstances deemed necessary. In case of cancellation, StageMasters will refund all registration fees. 

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